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Onisc,from "Oniscidea" ,incorporate this natural element rich in antioxidants into its NMN supplement products to provide better health benefits.

Onisc NMN is a brand of NMN supplement. NMN stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which is a compound that can increase the levels of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) in the body. NAD+ plays an important role i...
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Global Selection Of Raw Materials Aim to Make Safe and Secure Product

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True health comes from long-term natural exploration

ONISC's Guarantee


4 Layers of Physical Security

Aseptic laboratoryDust-free production workshop
An independent research and development laboratory and a GMP aseptic production workshop have been set up, and the cleanliness level of the clean production space can effectively control particle pollution and realize the important functions of a sterile and clean environment. At the same time, regular calibrator cleaning is carried out on production equipment to ensure excellent manufacturing.

Full Chain Supervision & Tracking- Quality and Safety
Before use, all product ingredients have passed strict chain of custody tracking, tested and monitored ingredient allergens, purity, and fillers, and established a traceability system. Users can check the origin, production date, and production batch of product raw materials.

Refined production node test Ensure accurate and safe nutritional content
In every link and stage of manufacturing, raw materials, ingredients, packaging components and finished products are strictly tested, and the safety of raw materials and finished products is ensured through rapid identification of various microorganisms and heavy metals.

LEAD level craftsmanshipEnsuring Purity Utility
In terms of manufacturing process, ONISC adopts pure biological enzyme technology to lock the active ingredients and maintain product efficacy; at the same time, it gradually strengthens product decomposition, penetration, diffusion, and solubility to help the body digest and absorption.
The American dream and freedom

Welcome to Join Our ONISC Team be an Independant Distributor
--The American dream and freedom
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Thanks for the consistent trust of many users

Joy Clement

It make me feel well !

Before using aidevi, I was in a sub-health state of insomnia. After using aidevi for a period of time, my body was obviously relieved, Nice pretty goods , recommend !

Jude Albert

I love nmn

I spent 3 months to take the AIDEVI NMN18000, it is a wonderful experience to enjoy the full energy all day and easy to sleep all night .I recomment AIDEVI as 5 star!

Avan Flankly

Old man need this supplements to keep health

NMN as best supplement in my opinion after I listen to Dr.Sinclare David speech, so I tried to find a good and price reasonable AIDEVI NMN18000 ,It is pretty well to use this one , I feel my healthy and young than before..go head to try !


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+852 46511230

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+852 46511230

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